The Dark Side of Eli Soriano and MCGI

Points to Ponder Before Joining MCGI Cult

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” Matthew 7:19

Signs that MCGI under Mr. Jeli Sorianing’s leadership is not truly biblical:

1. Jesus had only one recorded occasion of demonstrating some violent behavior (justified of course) and that is when he saw people trading goods just outside of the temple or the house of worship. In MCGI, however, the goods or merchandise are even being sold inside the compound or structure of worship!

Both Mr. Jeli and Sataniel cannot be God-sent preachers because they defile the supposed house of worship with merchandise of all sorts from clothes that rival the branded ones in price. Then you have food and food supplements and relatively expensive hydrogen water with questionable medicinal properties when people may simply have to increase their water intake to be cured of their disease!!

You cannot be praising God for hours and hours with songs of praise and at the same time defile the place of worship by mixing it with commercial items for sale. You get tons of advertisements during break time selling tickets for concerts, basketball and even movies starring Sataniel and as mentioned several sorts of merchandise being sold. Of course they can reason out that these are all sponsored by this organization and it’s for the good and propagation of the works of God and should not defile the sanctity of the congregation. What are the TV broadcasts for? After all, these TV broadcasts are also from the member’s money?  The most expensive concert ticket can cost as much as P50,000.00 rivaling that of an international artist.

They also include within the programs the supposed proof/s that Mr. Jeli, who faces standing rape case, is not guilty.  In short, they are the master showmen and can include whatever they wish.  Why even include such item or video trying to disprove Mr. Jeli’s guilt in a worship or thanksgiving meeting?

You cannot be praising God all day long and at the same time transgress on him. It’s much like praising your wife and then hurt her by being unfaithful or commit adultery. Mr. Jeli can reason out that those being sold as merchandise in the bible which angered Jesus are doves.  It doesn’t justify that what they are selling are for church works and projects anyway and not doves; a merchandise is still a merchandise.

2. If Catholics confess their sins to the priest in private, under MCGI you confess your sins in public under the guise of “consultation”!  Mr. Jeli will judge accordingly and prescribe the punishment and forgives sins at his whim for a sin confessed unto him in public! How blasphemous is that because only God can forgive sins!!!

3. Both leaders in the person of Mr. Jeli Soriamonyo and Mr. Demoniel subscribe to scornful words every now and then within the sermon; to get even or strike back unrelentingly at the former members especially those who established their own Church.
This behavior is vindictive. Although, not in physical sense, they inflict harm on their “enemies”.

Their conduct is certainly not the spirit of the Lord. The Lord Jesus said that if somebody hits you on your right cheek, you give the other side of your cheek and if somebody tried hitting you with a stone then throw the fellow back a bread. In principle, Jesus asks us not to repay evil with evil and bad deeds with bad but instead we even repay them with good. Words of scorn can inflict more harm than the physical one which why there’s a Filipino expression that it would have been better if he or she got killed instead by the person who inflicts abusive words. Emotional wounds are as painful as physical and can even cause someone to go on suicide.

Jesus’ way is humility. The pride and arrogance of Mr. Jeli show that he is of Satan. Don’t be deceived that under these false preachers you will gain superior knowledge of God’s words. Knowledge just by itself will not save you.

By laughing and scorning on other people along with these boastful preachers you sin by putting yourself on the latter’s shoes; exalting themselves and, therefore, yourself as having superior knowledge and judging themselves as the saved and chosen people of God while those on the other side are the damned. This is the same attitude of the Pharisees in Christ’s time thinking God favors them when it’s the opposite because of their hypocrisy. God wants everyone to be saved.  Members should know that they themselves are being fooled by this preacher pretending to be of God.

Again, you cannot be praising God all day long and at the same time be scorning other people who also want to be saved.

4. They enslaved and manipulate members. Do you want to marry? You have to ask Mr. Jeli and the answer will be a resounding NO because Christ will be coming soon he will claim. He is so jealous he wants the biggest chunk of your money instead of you having a family to feed so he doesn’t have to get just a small share of your earnings.

How about having a Thanksgiving celebration for 3 consecutive days starting at 6AM and ending at 12AM each? That’s 18 hours of congregation each day and that on the third day Mr. Jeli has a surprise “free concert” serenading the members just so he can get pledges from the members because he has to raise USD800,000.00 to pay for the satellite broadcast fees mentioned earlier in his sermon? You’ve spent 45 hours of a week’s work and now you spend 54 or even more hours for thanksgiving as a member and supposedly unto God but really serving a false preacher.

Members are dredged themselves of energy and brain power they hardly have time to reflect or study whether they are being manipulated or what. They’d hardly have time on the other aspects of their lives. Their work performance suffers while their vacation gets eaten up. It’s NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) at its finest making members think that they are serving God when in fact they are serving these false preachers, their cohorts and Satan.

Mr. Inkong Bastos and Demoniel get the larger part of the members’ life and but only a small portion to God and Jesus. Their names are praised and loved even more than Jesus’ name. They get the money, fame, glory, respect, authority over you when you become a member. What might look like a total subjection to God is really total subjection to Satan through the latter’s representatives.

The above are but a small sampling of the unbiblical and manipulative practices of church that it can be. These false preachers will take control your soul to be devoted to Satan while thinking you are serving God!

If you don’t comply about the attendance then you risk being excommunicated and, therefore, it will be your fault being separated from the “true church” and, hence, cannot be saved because you have turned your back from the truth and there’s no more forgiveness for that. That’s manipulation at its finest. Mr. Jeli King is already exercising the supposed power to be vested unto the body of church of Christ when they are resurrected to become kings supposedly in the millennium period.

Mr. Jeli King is no doubt a false preacher and another masterpiece of Satan.

Therefore, whose father are they really praying to when they pray? It’s Satan who is their real father! It’s all because they follow Satan because of their iniquities and motives of self-gain and not really out of genuine interest in leading members unto salvation.

They are master manipulators because they get their members to worship them when they get all the prestige, respect, power, trust honor and glory.  It is not short of worship because worship in the older sense of definition may simply mean bowing down to the object of worship but getting the money, fame, glory, honor, respect, dedication and authority over you and, therefore, a kingship over you is in its sense a form of worship much better than being bowed down! They are live idols of the members! Their names sound sweeter to their members’ ears than the sound of Jesus’ name which can make the true God jealous! Sadly the members are being deceived!

Beware of these ravening wolves in the sheep’s skin.

So then the members who think they are praying to the real God don’t have the slightest idea that they are in fact praying to Satan when the prayer leader utter father and that they are bowing down to Satan as they are bowing down before the image of Satan’s representatives in the persons of Mr. Jeli Sorianing and Demoniel Walangrason whose pictures are posted onto the wall that the members are facing while they’re bowing down in prayer!!


These preachers pretend to be of Christ and despise other ravening wolves in the sheep’s skin who are as they are.. As the Filipino saying goes, “A thief is angry of a fellow thief.”, because they themselves are thieves duping people that they are giving salvation when in fact they are leading them unto damnation right here in this earth and making a merchandise of their souls! Members are sacrificing for Satan and not for God!

Don’t be impressed how fast your questions are answered especially these days when we have computers and Mr. Jeli has a team of assistants that will search for the bible verses in a speedy way. These are already boxed and canned answers stored in a computer to be retrieved within millesecond and for him just to read.


Those contemplating into joining the said church should not even try it. You will highly regret that if having joined and found out that you don’t fit later. They’d make a mention or even a video scorning you of your “mistakes” from time to time.  What a pitiful way of showing insecurity by looking down at others to make themselves look superior and knowledgeable God-sent people. Members get entertained, though, and not knowing they are sinning by positioning themselves as having “superior knowledge” under the guidance of evil preachers. The Pharisees in Jesus’ time think highly of themselves as being righteous and always finding special favor in the sight of God. Jesus, however, makes it clear that he hates these self-exalting and self-righteous attitudes. We should be praying for the unenlightened instead of laughing at them and never use them for entertainment.

Don’t ask Mr. Jeli what’s the difference between your religion or other religion you are considering against his; because he will just ditch the dirtiest unverified allegations about the character and teachings of the founder of such religion in the farthest corner of
the internet.  See for yourself if you cannot find something dirty about his character by typing his name and adding scandal as search keywords in the internet. You will find that he has a standing warrant of arrest for the rape of his former worker of his own sex scattered over the internet.
Therefore, using his method of assessing other religions then the religion he established will not pass either using the criteria he uses to qualify other religions. Where there’s smoke there is fire you might even conclude because of so many articles against him. Do your own research instead and read your bible if what is being said is true.

Don’t be deceived by their looks and sermons because they themselves are as guilty. Did you see Mr. Jeli crying about doctors doing abortion because these doctors are killing innocent blood? At least these unborn babies will get to heaven but Mr. Jeli is doing even more heinous inconceivable crime on the souls of men he is able to deceive and making a merchandise of. He’s only a good actor and by no means truly godly.

Our Lord Jesus, clearly shows the doomed fate of all those who follow these false preachers, when He says, “they are blind leaders of the blind, and if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the pit,” (Matthew 15:14).

He is teaching salvation through the merits of good works alone. In the new covenant we cannot be saved merely through the merits of good works just following the statutes or laws. This devil’s advocate, however, makes his followers think that he is a savior himself if people will simply follow him (making him a substitute for Jesus). How blasphemous.

He bases his claim that in the bible there is this poor but wise man (Ecclesiastes 9:15) who was able to save a city from destruction because of his wisdom as he has now positioned himself in the shoes of the said wise man such that he can save those who follow him through his wisdom.

First of all, the said wise man in the bible only saved the city from physical destruction; the man did not give them eternal salvation. That is how Mr. Jeli twists some bible verses to give new meaning on what’s said in the bible and mislead his followers. Members wakeup! Only Jesus is the Savior who can save you from eternal destruction and give you eternal life! No man by his mere knowledge of the bible can save you as Mr. Sorianing claims!

He doesn’t even have clear-cut and written doctrines but he simply ask of his followers to be faithful unto attending congregations so they themselves learn what he asks them to and that attendance in these congregations are also part of the good works.

Unless you’re a die-hard Sorianing or Demonieling, you will wear out yourself attending these congregations 3 times a week. These are Prayer and Worship Meetings (about 2 hours each) and Thanksgiving Meeting (about 6 hours). Apart from them, there are special or combined meetings of Prayer and Worship; when such happens, expect a long Thanksgiving Meeting of about 18 hours.

Then you have birthday celebrations which is also a lengthened Thanksgiving meeting in honor of the celebrant who is either Jeli Sorianing or Demonieling. Look who are being honored in those cases?  Truly, they have placed themselves above and over Jesus. God would be very jealous because of the honor they get. Add up the quarterly consecutive 3 days of long Thanksgiving lasting 18 hours each day or 54 hours in a week. It’s even more than the hours you’d put in a workplace. You’d really be brain and energy drained; you won’t have time for yourself and to whose glory other than for these representatives of Satan?

Members’ attendance are being monitored and you have to leave your ID if you have to get out during break period of times to ensure you’d get back.

Truly, Satan has upgraded his skills to fulfill what Jesus himself prophesied that in the last days, “even the very elect will be deceived” – Matthew 24:24. In the persons of Mr. Jeli and Mr. Demoniel, Satan has positioned himself to be worshiped as he had always dreamed of.
MCGI is the most manipulative church that you can be in.


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