3 Unmistakable Signs that MCGI Under Eliseo Soriano is a Cult

While Mr. Soriano made a beautiful meaning out of a cult from dictionary interpretation, we’re taking the meaning of a cult as it is commonly understood in this day.

The signs that MCGI is a cult:
1. Undocumented doctrines. What are MCGI’s core beliefs in terms how to be saved?
Hiding the doctrines is a trick to protect itself from being detected as a cult so it’s not easy to reproof any of its doctrines unless you take possession of their videos or you unless you become indoctrinated and become a member but you have to take notes yourself.

2. Women cannot cut their hair.  It is a sign of your submission to them and that you have not really done well in searching the scriptures and, thus, very vulnerable into being a lifetime member ready to take in whatever they thrust in your throat. It is a sure sign that you have taken your guard off and have fully trusted all doctrines and their system.

3. The church teaches salvation by merit of works and by works it means largely all about attending their congregations 3 times a week. It is purely justification by works to the point that you don’t even need Christ himself but simply follow the laws in the bible and the programs under his “true church” which is MCGI.  In fact Mr. Soriano likens himself to a certain wise man in the bible who was able to save a city from destruction because of his wisdom.

The sermons or “texts” as what they would call it is very sparse of how you should live your christian life but often contain subtle advertisements of why MCGI is the true church by making fun and ridicule of the “mistakes” of other churches which is often biased to make it look so bad and why the members have made an intelligent choice. Members get entertained though but it’s self exaltation; members are the saved ones because of supposedly superior knowledge while the others are eliminated because of inferior knowledge or because of their founder having made false prophecy or preachings. Of course there are good teachings of morality to make them look godly.

During regular Thanksgiving you’d be watching others singing their songs of praises and even doing your own presentation for others to watch all for 2.5 hours more or less. Then you’d have a break time of 2 hours during which it is also used in “consultation” which could be anything about confessing sins in public, the members’ health concerns, and seldom about questions about faith.

The break time is also used for announcements, ongoing national and international projects but this can also be inside the sermon, events and advertisements of products being sold. About 15 minutes is used for opening and closing prayers and about 2 hours is for sermons and reading of scriptures. About 20 to 30 minutes is spent for local announcements regarding local projects and financial matters and even practicing songs and presentations.

In total about 6 to 7 hours is just for regular Thanksgiving meetings but expect as much as 18 to hours during special or international thanksgiving which can happen monthly and then quarterly for a year wherein for consecutive 3 days of each quarter expect a total of about 54 total hours from Friday until Sunday of a designated week. Expect a lot more singing hours, watching baptisms, testimonies, announcements, history of the church, defense of Mr. Soriano why the rape charges lodge against him cannot be true and hearing about “deep” bible prophecies that got fulfilled under MCGI exalting Mr. Soriano.


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